Last Updated: December 11th, 2019

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction and Acceptance of Terms of Use.

  2. Website Content and Premium Services.

  3. Proprietary Rights.

  4. User Provided Content.

  5. Third Party Content and Linked Sites.

  6. Limited License.

  7. Restrictions of Use.

  8. Copyright Notices/Complaints.

  9. User Accounts.

  10. Subscription Terms, Fees and Payments; Automatic Renewal and Cancellation.

  11. Additional Terms.

  12. Entire Agreement.

  13. Equipment and Internet Access.

  14. No Oral Agreements or Modifications.

  15. Dispute Resolution.

  16. Governing Law, Jurisdiction and Venue.

  17. Recovery of Fees.

  18. Limitations of Liability.

  19. Indemnity.

  20. Disclaimers of Warranty.

  21. Contact Information.

  22. Electronic Communications.

These terms and conditions (“Terms of Use”), apply to the entire contents of the Websites under the domain names www.backstage.comwww.actorfest.com, and www.auditionupdate.com (the “Websites”), including any functionality and services offered on or through each of the Websites, to any products, software, or mobile applications provided by Backstage or the Websites, and to any correspondence by Backstage, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (together with its owners, parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, managers, members agents and employees, “Backstage”), you and any other users of the Websites (individually, a “User”, and collectively, “Users”). Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using the Websites. Please also review our Privacy Policy, which also governs your visit to the Websites, to understand our privacy practices.



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